Card Title. Card Type. Ancestor, Celestial, Clock, Event, Follower, Holding, Item, Other, Personality, Proxy, Region, Ring, Sensei, Spell, Strategy, Stronghold. I have 30 or so count boxes of CCG L5R cards ranging from Imperial to Evil Portents.I may be moving out of the country and have no. Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG), in partnership with Isomedia, first designed and published the L5R collectible card game in Eventually, it became.

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Some of the storylines were cool though. That might have been feasible had they not also curtailed community and customer support, overburdened story, and offered up often half-baked counter-intuitive day-late-dollar-short slipshod changes that further aggravated the playerbase and exasperated the rules team. Kotei winners are pre-qualified into major events such as Gen Con and the European Championships, allowing them to skip the qualifying rounds.

Situations are intended to reflect the dynamic, heroic style of samurai l55r.

I just would just disagree generally about whether Ivory was bland or miserable. This symbol was used for several years in the role-playing game and featured prominently on the backings of the cards in the collectible card game.

This symbol was used for several years in the role-playing game and featured prominently on the backings of the cards in the collectible card game. They needed a reboot too, but it might not helped them, the existing player base would have felt betrayed, the retailers they angered probably wouldn’t want the new product either.

For my own part, though, this has been tough. By using this site, you agree to aef Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The game’s days as a CCG were numbered. This is where more hard realities came into play. Because it was failing as a CCG. Those who were not a fan of the Gaijin and Colony flavor spread throughout Emperor. The fans liked it enough to vote it the Best RPG of at the Origins Awards, and the core book went through four printings while aeb two dozen sourcebooks and add-on products. The most significant example of this was the Race for the Throne event, which took place through andwhich allowed players of both the collectible card game and the role-playing game to affect the storyline of their Clan by earning points in various Spheres of influence.


Ultimately, all roads led to where we are now–a hiatus for the card game and its reinvention into something other than a CCG.

So why do you think AEG sold L5R? – Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game – FFG Community

And by AEG’s own admission they basically stopped spending money on the game to build up their other game lines. The aef allows for stories which are oriented around action, courtly diplomacy or a mix of the two.

All four editions used an original ruleset designed specifically for the setting. The Four Winds Saga third scroll “.

Contents [ show ]. We want you to be able to have the experience you want, so write customerservice alderac. Trindle’s post to the L5R e-mail newsgroups regarding the future — and the past — of the role-playing game. AEG as a company has been moving away from card games in general for a while. In the game’s tournaments players can affect the storyline of the game, their deck construction directly contributing to the lives or deaths of the characters involved.

They are regularly threatened by evil plots from within, but the main threat still lies to the southwest of Rokugan: So here we are. He has had great success at incorporating player effects into the game in a smooth manner, regardless of how odd the results of a tournament may be to the setting of the game. And, from what I can tell, that was a Brand decision, not a Design one.

We’d already concluded it was time to reinvent it, and were working on a plan to do new things with it, including quite likely turning it into an ECG like Doomtown. The game succeeded based on the rabid nature of the Clan players, and so awg of the community is based around the Clan fan sites www.


Sign In Don’t have an account? Related to that was the disaster of the IH. It was supposed to redefine the Clans, make them iconic again, and cut off the last history and focus on new threat and how new generation tackles it.

Legend of the Five Rings

Sign in Already have an account? It doesn’t stop people from telling you you’re ag though and that they are different. Posted September 16, edited. The Card Game is distributed as an introductory core set with periodical Clan Packs which focus on a single clan and Dynasty Packs which have a variety of clan cards.

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I don’t check facebook posts or dedicate all of my time to the brand or check the old AEG forums that much. I’ll have a word with the Forbidden Planet near me. In a live-action roleplay version of the game was released. Fantasy Flight’s version renamed Legend of the Five Rings: The only way to completely resolve the issue was to quit using the symbol.

I believe we all need to be honest that there were A LOT of factors that had sent the game into a downward slide. It seems especially strange to slam CCG design for while praising everyone else, when that was the Year of No Fiction because there was barely a story team left and it seemed like a lot of folks were really unhappy with how the story prizes for that year went into choosing the new Emperor.

Retrieved from ” http: Sign up for a new account in our community. I think that Dave touched on this in his last release, but it’s important as well to re-iterate: