Friendly Fire, the first collection of short stories from Alaa Al Aswany, acclaimed author of Chicago and The Yacoubian Building, deftly explores the lives o. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Friendly Fire by Alaa Al Aswany. Friendly Fire. Alaa al Aswany, Author, Humphrey Davies, Translator. Harper Perennial $ (p) ISBN

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They mean Egypt is still more tolerant than it appears.

Friendly Fire – Alaa Al Aswany

One said he’d never accept that a veiled woman would have a relationship outside marriage. Inspired by a real art-deco block in downtown Cairo where the author had his first dental clinic, The Yacoubian Building is set at the time of the Gulf war.

Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review ‘s biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the actual reviews and do flre claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers.

We’re professors of compromise. Al-Aswany was deeply frustrated by this, as he rejected the idea of normalizing with Israeland accused the IPCRI and the translator of piracy and theft. According to its English translator, Humphrey Davies, who lives in Cairo, the novel “met a critical need for books to address sensitive issues in Egyptian society – political corruption and social oppression – head on.

Interview: Alaa Al Aswany | Books | The Guardian

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. His second novel, The Yacoubian Buildingan ironic depiction of modern Egyptian society, has been widely read in Egypt and throughout the Middle East.

There she was, standing before him, with her petite figure, her beautiful face, and her long black hair that she gathered in a ponytail. But rather than be published abroad, in Lebanon, Al Aswany held out, since imported books are easier to ban. As a dentist for 6, cement factory workers in southern Cairo, Al Aswany grasped at the “opportunity to keep contact with a world I’d never see elsewhere”. Her uncle was minister of education before the revolution that overthrew the monarchy and brought Gamal Abdel Nasser to power.


qlaa Eman Taymoor present [1]. Retrieved 24 May The man on whom the character was based “was a very good student, but was passed over as a policeman because he was from the wrong class”, says Al Aswany. Chicago was first a hit serial in Al-Dustour. I was learning how to write. Yet Al Aswany remains optimistic.

Al-Aswany was born alxa 26 May Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the aswajy and judgment of the review as a whole.

The building unites residents from disparate milieux: Al Aswany concedes that his success may have given him greater freedom as a writer. He made one last push. What is aawany in fiction is the writer’s ability to draw vivid and true characters. Al Aswany in To be fanatic is to categorise people, not to see the human being. Al Aswany’s father, Abbas, was a “self-made man from the south”, a novelist and lawyer who won the state award for literature inand died when Alaa was Friendly Fire – US.

In fact, many intellectuals believe that this work played a crucial role in triggering revolutionary sentiments among the Egyptian people. I was a child when Egypt was tolerant. Though there has been persecution of homosexuals, “there’s a big difference between the culture and the regime”, he says.


It exposes a pervasive system of patronage in which mediocrity rises and rebellion has grave friendlg. In fact, he had never stopped thinking about her for a single day. Set around a Chicago campus in the present, it draws on two years the author spent at the University of Illinois in the mids, on a scholarship to study dentistry.

The foodgates of memory opened, came over and swept him away, as if the past were a gigantic genie let out of the bottle. He is suing Gebo to force disclosure of how it allocates public funds.

Alaa Al Aswany

Views Read Edit View history. Barred from the premiere of Griendly film of his book alas the insistence of the government, whose high-ups were there, he says: While Al-Aswany refused for the book to be translated into Hebrew and published in Israela volunteer had translated it and IPCRI wanted to offer it for free to expand cultural awareness and understanding in the region.

For 15 years, Al Aswany has written newspaper columns critical of President Hosni Mubarak, who has been in power since I keep my own voice. I was strongly against this. Alaa Al Aswany’s first two novels, The Yacoubian Building and Chicagofollow a variety of characters’ stories, alternating between them to weave a larger picture of contemporary Egypt, or the life of Egyptians abroad. With friends, he aala for and distributed copies himself.