Garritan is the world’s leading provider of quality virtual software instruments. of a marching band, or the drama of a full symphony orchestra — inside any size. The Garritan Orchestral Strings library has now been integrated with our Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 library. With this package GPO 5. BUT the “new” garritan orchestral strings included in GPO5 have something odd a LOT of noise when i play the notes.. it is real? or is it just.

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Garritan Orchestral Strings…it sounds horrible for chamber music

The violins and violas represented here are really outstanding. As for GOS – even harder to use but more realistic. I could play with them a little and loved them from the start. But the solo violins are the best samples I’ve ever had.

Yeah, there are parts where it sounds a little synthy. SaxerApr 17, I sometimes use the GPO for solo cello 3.

AshermusicApr 16, Sepheritoh Max Output Level: I also would liek to recommend AOE, and good news: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Status: No, create an account now.

Other than not having the option of less vibrato on the sustains, there isn’t really much I’d complain about. Under the big fat tree Status: For instance, in the violin section there are two Stradivari dating back to the early seventeen hundreds as well as instruments by Guarneri, Gaglian, Klotz, etc.


Yes, my password is: VSL is also a good option, being dry and flexible. I orchestrxl Kirk Hunter’s Spotlight Strings for smaller ensembles. Have a listen to the demos on this page.

The samples include various playing gsrritan for each instrument. She was 15 at the time. I already own the full Mac version, and it has been a real staple in my studio setup. The first disc is dedicated to violins and violas.

Outstanding documentation is also provided via the accompanying 24 page manual, as well as text and PDF files included on the third disc. I suppose this is the pro vs. But both aren’t suited for chamber music.

Garritan also offers excellent customer support.

Help help I like something about Garritan Personal Orchestra

And Gary posts demos by users so you need to take with a grain of salt. The timbres of the sampled instruments lend a truly distinctive characteristic that will be appreciated by many an audio professional. I belive many of the demos get quite close to the real thing. I honestly strijgs care.

Garritan Orchestral Stringsit sounds horrible for chamber music | Cakewalk Forums

I wrote this for a college wind ensemble a few years ago before I had a DAW and better samples: Last time I did a search, I did come across some Garritan stuff that was truly amazing, so your point about the quality of the sequnces is well taken.

They do cover single instruments as well as sections, and come as part of the orchextral sample banks. Maybe it’s just set up only for big orchestral arrangements?


Regards, -Dave David Ewer By the way, do you have a complete Christmas cd that you’ve made?

This violin and viola set is most convincing, touting an intimate and natural sound not found in other contemporary orchestral string libraries. They do not provide instant gratification. Sonic Implants is the best I’ve heard. Just hold down a note in gpo for a few seconds. Honestly, the demos sounded in some cases to be light years from the real thing. Rasmus HartvigApr 17, ArbeeApr 16, I don’t jump into discussions here too often, but if you say you like the Edirol Orchestra but NOT GPO than you definitely got a problem with your setup somewhere Sorry, can’t comment on Garritan Strings, but since you asked for other suggestions Qwerty69 Alex and Dave – What would you recommend for good orchestral sound banks that don’t break the wallet and therefore the marriage?

I still just think Garritan sucks The syphonic string collection does not suck. Nothing wrong with overkill. Seriously, if you want to do small-scale stuff, you don’t want section samples, you want solo samples.