critical of Said’s landmark work. The most recent additions to this literature are Ibn . Warraq’s Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said’s Orientalism and. Ibn Warraq, Amherst, NY, Prometheus Books, , pp. Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said’s Orientalism by Ibn Warraq. Defending the West has 95 ratings and 11 reviews. Ibn Warraq refutes the perfidious lies of Said meticulously and with brutal candour in this antidote to Said’s.

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Other books treated the topic of secular humanist values among Muslims. Here again, although I disagree with the author’s convictions, it is his delivery that bothers me and that Defendng wish to criticize. Too often, he assumes his worldview to such an extent that he does not seek to argue or develop even quite contentious points. Let me first note that I have read Said’s book and I do think he was on to something.

I have long waited for the chance to voice my opinion that the concept of ‘the Other’ is a massive fraud perpetrated by leftwing intellectuals which simply means selected groups of people favoured and protected by the Left who ignore the suffering and victimization of other people, jbn practising exactly what they hte Westwerners, conservatives etc of doing to those they chosen to term ‘the Other’ Warraq uses this term for convenience as he refers to as a ‘temporary verbal surrender’while identifying it for the dishonest cliche that it is.

To ask other readers questions about Defending the Westplease th up. This defendung, as I came to learn, was a watershed in post-colonial studies. He believes that the great Islamic civilisations of the past were established in spite of the Koran, not because of it, and that only a secularised Islam can deliver Muslim states from fundamentalist madness. Please try again later. He waxes lyrical it is quite touching, really; Defendihg felt inspired to become an academic about the glories of human achievement, the ennobling quest for knowledge for the sake of knowledge and the unassailable morality of his Orientalist subjects.


Faazy Faiz rated it it was amazing Jun 26, Said’s polemic has very much become the accepted dogma of university departments across the world that study any of the subjects covered by ‘Orientalism’.

Maria rated it really liked it Sep 23, Generally, however, the prose has a decent flow and the subject matter is of sufficient interest to render the book quite engrossing. Warraq points out Said in his fraudulent creation of the concept of “the other”, a cliche rammed down the throats of university students around the world, is never used to apply to non-Muslims or even non-Arabs in the Islamic world.

Ibn Warraq continued writing with several works examining the historiography of the Qur’an and Muhammad. Historiography, I had foolishly believed, qarraq simply the study of the evolution of our field; one school of thought refining and adding clarity to the one that came before.

A well-researched and quite brilliant, if somewhat disorganized, indictment of one of the world’s great religions.

Retrieved July 17, Warraq further looks at the destructive influence of Said’s study on the history of Western painting, especially of the 19th century, and shows how, once again, the epigones defwnding Said have succeeded in relegating thousands of first-class paintings to the lofts and storage rooms of major museums. Ibn Warraq’s] agenda, which is not scholarship, but anti-Islamic polemic.

The one aspect in which Warraq is completely successful and on which the book itself is worthwhile is his analysis that Orientalism was used to unfairly attack scholars and stifle discourse. Warraq’s op-ed pieces have appeared in The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian in London, [29] and he has addressed governmental bodies all over the world, including the United Nations in Geneva.


Archived copy as title link for Enquiry [www. That’s a good thing. Clair Tisdall ‘s as “not a particularly scholarly essay”. In reviewing Ibn Warraq’s compilation The Origins of the Koran, religious studies professor Herbert Berg has labelled him as “polemical and inconsistent” in his writing. It is often a strange mixture of ironic jabs or impassioned language and very dry, encyclopedic run-downs that I found myself almost skimming.

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Defending the West often isn’t sure whether it is a source of levelheaded analysis to balance out rabid Saidism or a polemical work advancing a particular philosophical vision. View all 6 comments.

Ibn Warraq – Wikipedia

I do not want that they must suffer on my account. Some chapter’s have made me laugh out loud, other’s were to the point and very accurate.

The problem with the narrative I have just described is that it is largely false. Among his work is criticism of the sources of the Qur’an.

Defending the West

The style is a bit too aggressive and lively to my taste, but it synthesizes a lot of the critique on Said’s orientalism. Can anyone suggest an online link to the PDF of this book??

Yet despite the many valid arguments that Orientalism addressed, there was always a sense that there was some underlying flaw in its all-encompassing, explanatory claims. While the author disclaims any pretense to originality, he has read widely enough to write an essay that offers a startlingly novel rendering of the faith he left.

By what standard is imperialism so wrong Said? The genocide of 1. The quote in German as printed in Der Spiegel is: