Throughout the skills Kawai. UTILIZATION Remarkable touch. The ergonomics of the control panel is a substantially while remaining discreet (no flashy lights). I bought a Kawai ES6 from Biggars Music in Glasgow. I was looking for a stage piano that I could take to rehearsals/gigs so weight and size. Sound of the instrument is based on the Kawai patented technology of synthesis Harmonic Imaging. The digital piano included a string resonance function and a.

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[Price Check] Kawai ES6 – Piano World Piano & Digital Piano Forums

This is by far the best. The new powerful digital Additional string resonance and damper effects are also applied, delivering rich tones with breathtaking realism and authenticity.

There are lots of tutorials on the subject in yt that worth a look. Yes I would do this choice. The selection of sounds is very easy. Sibelius 7; Neuratron Photoscore Pro 8 Stand: Roland, Korg, Yamaha, General Music. Of course for piano each in its own criteria of value and of no will tell you that it lacks kawaai or that, but all I know of is that I have immediately felt a good feeling with this instrument and I feel that I will spend many hours on it because it will allow me to make music with renewed pleasure; OVERALL OPINION I like the quality ,awai the piano sounds and the ability to customize to my criteria for listening.

One would hope in the future a touch o the mawai of exhaust is felt. At first I have to do some of the pianos sound settings, because personal opinion I prefer the bright sound and saw the number of possible settings: The technology provided greater stability during performance, a fine control of each key. I like also the quality of manufacturing, Kawai is not the first manufacturer of pianos in the world for nothing.


The digital piano included a string resonance function and a damper effect, which made it possible to provide the sound with rich tones, amazing realism — the authenticity of the generated sound made ES6 stand out among the previous models of the ES series.

J ‘I bought this model based solely on the reputation of the Japanese manufacturer and Kawao have immediately felt the quality of this keyboard. But it’s a good DP, and the price is low. You’ll need to try it out to see that it functions correctly. Check if it’s using the PHI sound source or above or not, if not, then go buy ex6 piano, Kawai model without PHI sound not as good as Yamahas or Roland with the same year that they produced, still, it’s best if u could find another newer Kawai model, as to me they have the most realistic key action.

Powerful Speaker System The ES6 features an improved 6-speaker sound system, utilising speaker box enclosures to provide deep bass and crisp treble frequencies. It contains the stand and ws6 acrylic music rack.

You’ll find here everything about electronic musical instruments!

In addition this set can be expanded by the 3 pedal unit FH. Might be worth buying. I couldn’t find any others being sold kawzi order to compare prices. Chorus, Tremolo, Delay, Rotary and Overdrive.

All user reviews for the Kawai ES6

Kswai in Japan, one feels immediately the quality of manufacture. With the help of preset chords and the One Finger Ad-Lib function simulating different musical genres pop, rock, jazzevery musician can easily pick something new for his repertoire.


But I can suggest that you not judge the piano because it looks new.

The keyboard of the instrument has 88 weighted keys sporting the technology of the fourth generation – Advanced Hammer Action IV-F, which successfully simulates a real acoustic grand piano. Most Online 15, Mar 21st, For a little more money you can have a new ES, wich is the roughly the same piano. Sound of the instrument is based on the Kawai patented technology of synthesis Harmonic Imaging. Learning piano from scratch since September, Sort by most recent most useful.

Originally Posted by mabraman For a little more money you can have a new ES, wich is the roughly the same piano.

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The piano offers an increased polyphony up to voices, allows up to 60, notes, as well as a large number of recorded sounds and melodies. Compact and portable, this multi-purpose digital piano offers an ,awai weighted keyboard action, impressively powerful speaker system, and an intelligent selection of great sounds, providing a range of musical opportunities – wherever the venue, and whatever the occasion.

User reviews: Kawai ES6 – Audiofanzine

Please Support Our Advertisers. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. I was wondering what’s the general going price for used Kawai ES6.

By replaying my favorite tracks I have heard quickly es they had a new luster.