Biohazard, subtitled The Chilling True Story of the Largest Covert Biological Weapons Program in the World – Told from Inside by the Man Who Ran It, is the title of a book by former Soviet biological warfare researcher Ken Alibek that purports. Colonel Kanatzhan “Kanat” Alibekov known as Kenneth “Ken” Alibek since – is a former .. Alibek, Ken and Steven Handelman (), Biohazard: The Chilling True Story of the Largest Covert Biological Weapons Program in the World. Anthrax. Smallpox. Incurable and horrifying Ebola-related fevers. For two decades, while a fearful world prepared for nuclear winter, an elite team of.

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Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Refresh and try again. Besides t This book is unbelievable in its in-depth treatment of the cold-war Soviet biowarfare program.

Alibek concludes alibeek book by suggesting that the best defense against biological weapons may not be vaccines, but rather the development of nonspecific immunological defenses, which include these antibiotic peptides. The fact that the USSR was way ahead of the United States achievements in detection and prevention efforts, much less our own biological and chemical warfare development which of course we do not do, is frightening.

American people of Kazakhstani descent Kazakhstani emigrants to the United States Kazakhstani scientists Living people People from Almaty Region Siberian State Medical University alumni Soviet biological weapons program Soviet military doctors Soviet microbiologists The Heritage Foundation births anthrax attacks 20th-century biologists. And in a chilling work of real-world intrigue, Biohazard offers us all a rare glimpse into a shadowy scientific underworld where doctors manufacture mass destruction, where witnesses to errors are alibeek forever, and where ground zero is closer than we ever dared believe.

Perhaps, the worst thing is that the US tested bioweapons on US citizens, in the US, without their knowledge, and most of us don’t know a thing about it. An important and fascinating look into a terrifying world of which we were blissfully unaware.

My knowledge and experience tell me that they are wrong. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t know what anthrax and brucellosis and smallpox really were.

Really interesting book into the Soviet Unions biological programs. In the lead up to the war between the US and Iraq, he testified before Congress, without direct knowledge or evidence, [ citation needed ] that “attempts to wipe out Iraq’s bioweapons capability were probably not successful.


After all, the USSR was biohxzard remarkable country founded on socialist altruistic ideology. But a bit scary. The author wrote this book as an autobiography and does a good job at maintaining an interesting and readable style. Biohazard by Ken Alibek is a very interesting read for everyone who is interested in the field of biology and wants to know more about bioweapons.

Ken Alibek

It was here that he expanded his medical school laboratory skills into the complex skill set required for industrial level production of microorganisms and their toxins. It is such an eye-opener with regards the cold war and the international competition between Russia and US – but that isn’t the half of the story. The second reason that Biohazard was of special interest to me is because I work in the field of naturally occurring, gene-encoded, broad-spectrum antibiotic peptides Wade et al.

For anyone living under the illusion that the world is a super safe place and that our governments are doing everything they can to keep us safe. In Januarynot long after his return from the US, Alibek, protesting against the continuation of bioweapons work, resigned from both the Soviet Army and Biopreparat and became jobless.

He remains a citizen of the United States. Mar 25, Patrick rated it liked it Shelves: That being said, the book dealt with the early career of Ken Alibek the American name of the Soviet scientist Kanatjan Alibekov while he was still a scientist employed in the bioweapons program of the Soviet Union, so even though the book was published in the late ’90s, it still fulfills its purpose.

One such major accident, involving anthrax, occurred in April in Sverdlovsk, near the Ural Mountains interestingly, the former Russian president, Boris Yeltsin, was chairman of the Communist Party for the Sverdlovsk region at the time of the accident and was fully aware of the relevant events.

Biohazard: The Bioweapons Story | BioScience | Oxford Academic

He focuses on a possible role of chronic infections, metabolic disorders and immunosuppression on cancer development. As the Soviet Empire collapses around him, he is forced to rethink the diabolical program that he was so proud of.

Ken Alibek describes them with the intimate knowledge of a top weaponeer. Peptide antibiotics from the animal kingdom: Nov 03, Fernando Blanco rated it really liked it.

Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Aug 19, Adderly. Share your thoughts with other customers. In he defected to the United States, has become an American citizen, and makes his living as a biodefense consultant, speaker, and entrepreneur. Picking up a copy of “Biohazard” and reading it allows Alibek to throw the doors of secrecy open over one of the deadliest human enterprises ever and show us things so awful that until Americans actually started getting anthrax in the mail, we preferred to simply pretend that they didn’t exist.


It was fascinating—and chilling—to peer inside this awesome war machine.

He was soon transferred to the Kazakhstan Scientific and Production Base in Stepnogorsk another reserve BW facility to become the new Director of that facility.

That being said, the book dealt with the early career of Ken Alibek the American name of the Soviet scientist Kanatjan Alibekov while he was still a scientist employed in the bioweapons program of the Soviet Union, so even though the book was published in the late ’90s, it still fu To be clear from the start, the book was written in late This book was a real eye-opener, and for the fact that it’s all one true account, it succeeds in being quite horrifying. He focuses on the role of chronic viral and bacterial infections in causing age-related diseases and premature aging.

Biohazard by Ken Alibek, Stephen Handelman | : Books

Alibek began publishing research biohqzard review articles in I ended up loving this book! Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Countdown to Zero Day: No one knows more about Russia’s astounding experiments with biowarfare than Ken Alibek. InAlibek published an autobiographical account of his work in the Soviet Union and his defection.

I worked for a dozen years to develop defenses against a Soviet threat that was largely unknown. Showing of reviews. This would be completely understandable assuming that he considers the US to be his new benefactors. The only thing that could have improved the book would have been the inclusion of additional maps, allowing for a better understanding of the sense of distance between facilities, and a sense of distance as events pertained to other events.