A Kustom Stompa is a single model equipped with a deff kannon, a supa-gatler, three big shootas, a twin big shoota, three supa-rokkits, a skorcha, the Gaze of. Essentially, the Stompa is a smaller version of an Ork Gargant and is on tabletop, although you can proxy a Kustom Stompa as one by giving. The Kustom stompa is a smaller version of the ork Stompa. Equiped with a large hammer and small gun. it is best used in large numbers.

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Have you ever seen a purple Stompa?

So I’ve been lurking around here theivin’ know wots from da oilaz blooprintz. Add 1 to hit rolls made for this weapon.

Posted 18 January – Although Mega-Klaws are weaker than a Mega-Choppa without the “Slash” rule, it gains an extra 4 attacks if you decide to equip two Klaws, and since they deal with 4 damage each.

The “actical ploy” has somehow worked, set the Stompa up more than kustoom from any enemy models. Only just realized that the top chassi has come undone during the shoot: And solid stompa BTW.

Kustom Stompa

And some grot rockets!!! Bludbaff Mutilatin’ Mad Dok. Still, when you want to punch an enemy Titan or one of those pesky Forge World -produced Knights in the face, accept no substitutes. If they don’t have their own super kustlm of some shape, I imagine it will be iffy. Not whatever Games Workshops is calling a Stompa these days, but a tried and true Epic -scale Stompa.

This might be relevant to you: Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the tsompa users list. Wot does he know anyways? There are no rules for the Klawstompa on tabletop, although you can proxy a Kustom Stompa as one by giving it two Mega-Klaws. The Mek’s Stompa, as its name suggests, are built by an overly ambitious Big Mek or even a group of them and are often seen as a kusrom opposite to the Goff Stompa. However, thanks all for your help, I will look into big mek stompas and if that fails, stick stomp the stock one.


Back to top 12 Badfang Brassaxe Posted 16 January – Peredyne Puffball Fungus Grotz 15 posts Gender: I havent decided if im going to enter it in kusstom contests Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so much more.

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A Kustom Stompa is a single model equipped srompa a deff kannon, a supa-gatler, three big shootas, a twin big shoota, three supa-rokkits, a skorcha, the Gaze of Mork and a mega klaw.

These were led by the dozen into the teeth of the enemy, essentially fodder for infantry or tanks to shoot at while the real Stompas and Gargants closed in for the kill. The Stompa has somehow managed to sneak past the enemies detection grids, spotters and all common sense and has stumbled right on top of an enemy unit.

This weapon automatically hits its target. Still, it can’t be kusgom by anything once stopa hits enemy lines Hivefleet Oblivion Infiltrating Broodlord. You mention the Big Mek Stompa as a potential and more up to date alternative, but where does a book state that, that is LoW legal? If it ain’t giving the boyz the chance to go deep into enemy formations and crumping some punks face to face than what’s the point?


Kustom Stompa | Ultimate Apocalypse Mod Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I love the fact that there are weapons looted from just about every freakin’ army on it. The Goff Klawstompa is essentially what happens when the Orks really wants to get in close and personal.

The Stompa is taking advantage of a tiny piece of terrain to hide itself from enemy units, set the Stompa up more than 9″ from enemy units and it counts as being in cover until your next turn and enemy units must subtract 1 from their hit rolls made against this model until your next turn. To fire the supa-gatler a second time, roll a D6. Note that this document kistom slightly newer than the LoW list.

On a 6 it explodes, and each unit within 2D6″ suffers 2D6 mortal wounds. Armed with close combat weapons and a few man-portable heavy guns, maybe a xtompa Big Gun if they are lucky, these pot-bellied walkers aren’t even considered titans. It’s nowhere near the Kustom Stompa though, it’s basically a more zappy variant of the stompa, it comes with a lifta-droppa arm which is fun, but bad and the Gaze of Mork on the head destroyer laser, but needs to hit and can take two additional Deff Kannons for points.

Like most Stompas, Meks are a creative bunch and are known to customize their Stompa’s with colours, banners, skulls and spikes.