Liquisolid Compacts: An Approach to Enhance the. Dissolution Rate of Nimesulide. Srinivas Vaskula, Sateesh Kumar Vemula, Vijaya Kumar. PDF | ABSTACT Liquisolid compacts were used to formulate water insoluble drugs in non volatile solvents and convert into acceptable flowing. PDF | The aim of this study was to investigate the use of liquisolid technique in improving the dissolution of Glimepiride in a solid dosage form. This study was.

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Spireas S Liquisolid systems and methods of preparing same. Characteristic peaks of the individual excipients were also retained; also no new peak was found in drug-loaded mixture of the excipients to liqulsolid formulated in liquisolids.

Due to the many advantages associated with oral route, the poor solubility of such drugs suffers with slow dissolution and poor bioavailability. Concentration of dissolved drug was determined using standard equation. With these technique liquids dosage forms such as solutions or suspensions of poorly soluble drugs in a non-volatile liquid vehicle are converted into acceptably free flowing and compressible powders by simple physical blending with selected excipients named the carrier and the coating material.

Agri and Aquaculture Journals Dr. International Journal of Pharmaceutics Spireas S, Sadu S Enhancement of prednisolone dissolution properties using liquisolid compacts.

As a most discussed but still not completely resolved issue, solubility or dissolution enhancement techniques remain the most vibrant field for the researchers in formulation science. In the formulation development process solubility of active compound is one of the main criteria considered before deciding the dosage form.

Formulation and Evaluation of Carbamazepine Liquisolid Compacts Using Novel Carriers

The liquisolid approach has been successfully applied in solubility and release enhancement of low dose poorly soluble drugs. This indicates acceptable resistance was shown by liquisolid tablets to withstand handling. Out of which the recent research focus on liquisolid compact technique or powdered solution technique as one of the successful tool to achieve the goal. Over past few decades, cmopacts techniques have liqujsolid developed, to improve the solubility and dissolution of poorly soluble substances, with different degrees of success which includes micronization, lyohilization, solid dispersion, etc.


The three principal suggested mechanisms include an increased surface area copmacts drug particles, an increased aqueous solubility, and an improved wettability of the drug particles. Solubility data of drug olmesartan medoxomil in various liquid vehicles is shown in Table 2. Moreover, the inclusion of disintegrating agents may further enhance the drug release from this system.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. The thermogram showed a sharp endothermic peak at of Cumulative percentage drug release was calculated using an equation obtained from a calibration curve.

The liquisolid technology is described by Spireas as liquid may be transformed into a free-flowing, readily compressible, and apparently dry powder by simple physical blending with selected excipients named the carrier and coating material Figure 1. Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language. Hence, the liquisolid technology allows the conversion of liquid systems into solid drug delivery systems such as tablets.

The excipient and coating material are to be taken into definite ratios so as to retain the accepted amount of liquid to be converted into solid.

Commpacts the other hand, if a solid water-insoluble drug is formulated, it should be initially dissolved or suspended in lqiuisolid nonvolatile solvent system to produce drug solution or drug suspension of desired concentration.

Olmesartan medoxomil is a novel selective angiotensin II receptor blocker that is approved for treatment of hypertension [ 6 ]. DSC thermograms of pure drug olmesartan, and powder mixture for optimized liquisolid preparations were obtained. Home Publications Conferences Register Contact. The highest liquid factor was obtained for Neusilin, and accordingly, the amount of carrier was lower than other formulations.

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Liquisolid Compact Technique: A Novel Approach to Solubility Enhancement | OMICS International

Due to significantly increased wetting properties and surface area of the drug particles available for dissolution, liquisolid tablets were expected to enhance drug release characteristics and, consequently, improved oral bioavailability. Formulation FA3 containing Fujicalin exhibited lower mean dissolution time and higher dissolution liquisolic than all other formulations including marketed tablet.

The prepared liquisolid compacts were evaluated and compared for thickness, diameter, weight variation, uniformity of content, hardness, friability, disintegration and in vitro dissolution. At higher values the greater amount of carrier may overcome to some extent the flow properties of powder.

Angle of slide determination is an important step in the formulation of liquisolid tablets. liqiisolid

The and for liquid vehicles were used to calculate. Most of hydrophobic drugs show very poor dissolution in the gastro intestinal tract, leading to erratic and incomplete drug absorption.

Formulation and Evaluation of Liquisolid Compacts for Olmesartan Medoxomil

Patil J Liquisolid Compact Technique: The solubility is an important factor in liquisolid systems, as higher solubility of drug in liquid vehicle can lead to higher dissolution rates since the drug will be more molecularly dispersed and more surface of drug will be exposed to the dissolution media. Formulation containing Neusilin-Neusilin and Neusilin- Aerosil showed no disintegration while all other formulations showed disintegration up to seconds.

Solubility of olmesartan medoxomil was determined in various nonvolatile solvents.

Authors and affiliation s: The liquid medication is the water insoluble drugs carried in suitable non-volatile solvents. This indicates that there is no interaction between the drug and excipients. December 24, Citation: The weight of formulations containing Neusilin and Fujicalin ranged in between 0.